Sunday, 11 December 2011

Set Building: those ceiling corners.

Another quick Sketchup work to deal with those art deco corners. These are more or less aligned to the  plaster decoration that runs on the top of the wall. Tricky to build... probably another job for my 3D printer.


  1. Hey PixyFrog!

    First I have to say I'm impressed by your work and dedication on this project. I'm following this blog. Keep up the great work :)

    I'm working on rebuilding the backgrounds in Sketchup for GF Delux with someone else. I haven't modeled those office decorations and other stuff like Manny's Computer and the Chairs and ... So, Having your models would be a great help. It saves a hell of a lot work.
    Could you share your scketchup models?

  2. Hi Jon,

    I will gladly do so. I have also been following the Grim Fandango Deluxe project closely and we can certainly help each other a lot in our respective project. Send me your email (you can pm me through LucasForum if you like).

  3. That's great!
    You know, There's lot's of GF projects going on recently ... Maybe we should call 2012 the Rise of GF community! :)

    I'm gonna PM you my e-mail soon.

  4. Jon,

    I sent you a bunch of Sketch files over the week-end. The total attachment size was a bit big so let me know if you got it.