Sunday, 4 December 2011

Investment: Canon EOS 550D

This week-end I got an advance on my birthday + chrismas + New Year + Saint Valentin + Day of the fathers for the decade to come and just got this beauty... A canon 550D, with the wonders of stopmo animators: the LifeView feature which has virtually put hi-res stop mo within reach of amateurs... like me.

I was lucky to find a 2nd-hand-yet-looking-brand new box + lens for about 500 USD. With the savings from this bargain, I could convince my wife and nonetheless banker to get a tripod.

As an immediate benefit, I should be able to upload less crappy pictures on this blog, which has been subjected to all sort of mobile-phone grainy pictures.

While we are still month away from any proper photo shooting sessions (lots of stuff remains to be done in set-building and puppet-making), I intend to put my canon at best use for running tests with Dragon Frame software. Would be nice to have a set of replacement mouth for Manny now...

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