Monday, 12 December 2011

Set Building: Finishing the carpet

For Manny, every things always start with a good sweeping move. I think he got that carpet nailed, with the pattern and color of the carpet sufficiently close to the original to move on the next lilliputian step into this very slow-paced adventure...


  1. Hi !

    Like you, i really enjoyed that game and I fancy a lot your project.
    If I can help you in any ways, I would be glad to do so.
    Let me know !


  2. Hi Anatole,

    Thanks for the feedback and for showing your interest in this project. I will gladly accept any help that is offered. If you see any area where you could contribute to this project let me know.


  3. Hello !

    I'm not into 3D and programing stuff (but I would to), and by being in France, I'm not sure that I can be in any help for modeling and other...
    But I'm in e-marketing, so maybe I can try to develop the project and make it known.

    Have you ever contacted Lucas Art or other autorities surrounding the video game, in order to find some support and, maybe, sponsorship.


  4. Anat,

    Thanks for your input. This project can take an infinite amount of support, and more exposure would be welcome... but of the non-commercial kind, due to copyright issues: Lucas Arts tolerate, and sometimes accommodate "Fan Arts" as long as it is contained within the doctrine of what is legally called "fair use".
    A research for sponsorship would trespass, I am afraid, their copyright tolerance. Let's not awaken the beast :)