Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Puppet making: Chay's take on Celso's skull

Celso's CG 3D sculpt by Chay
Yesterday was my birthday, and incidentally I had a great gift awaiting in my inbox. Chay is a very talented graphic designer and a GF fan. Chay has apparently mastered a radically innovative 3D modelling software called zBrush which allows you to sculp model pretty much the same way you would with clay (adding matter, bloking out, smoothing, chiselling).
I approached him after seeing a great fan-art 3D rendition of Manny's character, and he generously accepted to help this project.
It's always embarrassing to ask an artist to deliver a work in the same style as another artist, but I wanted some design consistency with Manny's existing skull model and I sheepishly asked him if he could stay close to Tom Beg's own fan art rendition of Manny's skull.
I am really amazed by the model that he sent me, not only it is beautifully executed, but it also falls right in the stylistic "spot" which I was hoping for.
This GF-Fan community is amazing.


  1. Looks great, Chay knows what he's doing alright. I look forward to seeing a physical version next to Manny!

  2. Well, actually, I could send Chay the original .obj of Celso, thanks to this neat little tool of yours. Thanks again for your contribution, as you can see, it's becoming a GF community project. Actually I wanted to ask you. There were 2 executables in your zip... what' the other one doing?

  3. If you edit the .obj of a character model, the other executable lets you "update" the .3do file to include the changes you made to the .obj file. This new .3do can then be used with Residual as an alternate model in the game. It's a work in progress though, and it doesn't quite do everything it needs to do yet.

  4. Although this head should be good for the stop motion project, unfortunately it is far too high poly to put into the game, but I'm sure it could be simplified down to a reasonable poly count :)

  5. An intriguing proposition! If you're interested in the GF Deluxe project you can check out the main discussion on the Residual forums here: