Monday, 7 January 2013

My Slum Dog Stop Mo Studio

Hello all,

Sorry I have not posted in a long time, but as I explained in a few comments threads below, (i) I have run out of space, because some personal financial crunch led me to give up my beloved apartment which was just large enough to house my stopmo set and, (ii) I have run out of time, because I have an important exam which requires me to study hard during my non-working time until March 11th.

Cambodia's first Stop Mo studio
But Manny will be back. Actually, I am already preparing his vengeance...

<Glottis Voice> "Look at that this litl' beauty, isn't she beautiful?"

This is my dedicated Stop Motion Studio... in all its shiny splendor for a monthly rent of 30 USD.

I will not have to share my bedroom with the gear anymore, just do a one minute walk from home behind a snooker shack within this adorable little pitoresc, mostly ethnic Vietnamese suburb of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Just need to make the place mosquitoe proof and then we are in business again. There are some basic sanitaries in the back which are big enough to do the dirty job (plaster mold and other silicons casts).

So now that the space problem is fixed, I have to solve the time problem and this won't happen before I pass this dreaded exam. After that... we should be back in business.