Thursday, 8 December 2011

Set Building: surface texturing

So, time to dress up this beautiful naked wooden box...

First, the carpet. I found some blue fabrics of the right color in a snooker repair shop.
Then, applying some pins and string, I divided the surface equally to put some marks where the circles and squares will have to be painted on the carpet.

Printing over sticker paper and cutting the shape out, the stencil are applied at the intersection of the strings. The strings are then removed.

I am still testing different ways of painting over the stencils, I think I found the right way, but this will have to wait. First, let's apply some texture on the wall : I mentioned in an earlier post that I had designed some trash-dirt yellow texture. I sent my files to a print shop for printing over sticker-poster. The trick was simply to stick these poster over the wooden walls... trying to avoid any bubbles.


The walls look much brighter than they will look in the stop-mo shooting : I am using flash, while the stop mo shooting will be made with longer exposure with a more subdued light. I am rather happy by the result. I wanted some dirt to accumulate in the corners of the room and the texture seems to do the job.

The door and windows are still just a square holes in the wall, but they will eventually be dressed up.

Notice the column on the left? just like in the original set from the game.

Manny's feeling home, yet the painting of the carpet will be the next delicate step.


  1. Looking good! Earlier in the blog you mentioned the patterns on the roof, does that mean there will be a roof piece which sits on top? Or will it not be visible in most shots?

  2. The roof is only partially visible in some of the shots. I will therefore create a piece of ceiling which will be placed as and where required.
    But of course this is going to be a small piece of roof just for the visible part of the shot as I need to bring light into the set from the above... Glad to see that you are following my posts so intently!