Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Removing Manny's teeth

In this earlier post, I marveled at the 3D remodeling made by Thomas Beg as part of its CG arts studies. Well, I contacted Thomas to beg (no pun intended) for the source file. Not only he replied, but he very generously sent the Maya and Obj source file of his model. Well, thanks Thomas, that's very cool of you. The source files were in Maya. I have not clue about 3d modelling and this software looks very scary. I downloaded the demo version which gave me 30 days to inspect the model (even though Thomas had given me the Obj export as well). And.. aha!, I discovered that the teeth were modeled as separate object and very easy to remove! A teeth-less skull could prove to be very useful for mouth replacement purpose. Next step was simply to export the teeth-less Manny from Maya into an Obj-file, resize it using a cheap 20 USD tool called Accutrans 3D (I was incapable of finding the scaling/sizing function in Maya using a good old metric system) and then send the model to a 3D printer, place the order... et voilà! I should receive Manny's head within 2 weeks. This 3D printed model will become the master model based on which I will sculpt the replacement mouths, and also do a silicon mold for creating many more heads for replacement and other puppets.

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