Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Manny's armature

Manny's body will be articulated with a metal armature. I have chosen to buy an armature kit Animation Supplies.net The puppet will be 25 cm tall, which is consistent with a set built at a scale of 1/7th. The trick is that Manny's body, as you recall, has not an anatomically correct body: he is short on his leg, which is the reason why DOD has given him some pneumatic leg extender to help him do his job more credibly as a reaper. I have therefore redrawn Vectorially the anatomically correct scale drawing given by Animation Supplies, found some descent original concept art for Manny that gives me a good stand-up view of Manny's silhouette on Grim Fandango Network (thanks guys for your concept art collection), and finally adapted the lenght of some parts of the armature. I now know also that Manny's head will have to be about 7cm from scull-top to chin-bottom.

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