Monday, 26 September 2011


Amazing work from Thomas Beg
I recently stumbled upon a quite amazing modern 3D rendering of Manny Calavera's skull done by Thomas Beg, apparently as part of of his Graphic Arts, Animation studies.

This model has just the right amount of detail and modernity, while retaining the essence of the original character. It would be an excellent start for sculpting the head  a Manny. The mouth might be a little too aggressive thought, but the skull sculpture will not get into mouth details. I intended to use mouth replacement for lips syncing.

Anyway, thanks a lot to Thomas for his inspirational work that could spin a whole new style in the adaptation of the character's skull. If only he had the time to give me his contemporary 3D interpretation of Celso Flores, we would be almost set for puppet making the main characters of the intro cut-scene.

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