Thursday, 20 October 2011

Manny's skull : printer 3D ready!

I just heard back from the guys from i.materialise... well it did not turn out to be straightforward to get Tom's skull printed... as the design was not intended for 3D printing : it was not waterproof (i.e. the model had tiny holes), the wall thickness too thin, and the "normals" where inverted in the eyes (whatever this means). Luckily the guys from i.materialise have been super helpful in helping me fixing the model to make it print ready. So with a bit of luck, I will have Manny's Iron skelleton and polyamide skull flying to me over the next 2 weeks. What a great encounter this will be! Manny has never been so close to be reincarnated.


  1. Hey Michel,

    That's fab! Sorry about the issues in the model. Obviously I never intended to be used in this way but I'm glad it was mostly usable. Exciting stuff. :-) Please post a picture of the model when you get it! :-D

  2. Sure Tom... will do. Thanks again for your contribution Tom: Your model is really great, and I am sure that when the pieces will come together, you will be proud of it!