Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Grim Fandango Story Board (intro cutscene)

As part of the reverse engineering process, I have posted, earlier, a detailed script of the Intro cut-scene movie that is the scope for this Stop Mo project.

Partly to learn the lingo and the process, and partly for practical reasons, I have reprocessed my notes into a more standard story board format (the storyboard template used here is heavily borrowed from some scans of Bob The Builder storyboard original, courtesy of HOT Animation).

This format has the advantage of being easily printed into a booklet for use on the set. Each cell of storyboard will be further decomposed into a dope scheet giving a frame-by-frame guideline for the timing of different animated part, and the shooting of each key frames.

The huge advantage of this project is that I have already dumped each image of the in-game full motion cutscene movie. The in-game movie was playing at 15 fps, and it will be a simple of conversion to create dope-sheets at 24 fps using the image of the original movie as reference for timing and placement.

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