Sunday, 25 September 2011

The big dive

I have been toying with the idea quite some time now. Grim Fandango never ceased to come back to me, in dreams as in musings. I reciprocated by haunting the forums of some fine yet long-forgotten societies, ripping arts from the game with some arcane tools, collecting fan arts from some obscure corners of our digital ether. "But you are not alone, everybody here is just as dead as you". In fact we seem to be legions. Sleepless, reckless ghouls refusing to let their heroes sprouted by oblivion... Manny, Glottis where are you?

Almost everything seems to have been done. Scripts, novels, paintings, tatoos, piercings, sculpture, hi-res overhauling,  animations, pranks, video, cosplay. I have dutifully devoured all what could be found, and I am still unearthing a few bones now and then, left by another fan from another corner of our shared nostalgia.

Like most, I have been fantasying about a sequel, a movie, a revisit of the world, anything that would get me to these dark blue jazzy riffs in the misty nights of Rubacava. But Tim, understandably, has moved on. And LucasArts is a sleeping giant crouched on its gems.

But I have not moved on. I am still stuck in this dream-like story... and I want Glotis back! Bigger than life! With all the resolution, pixels and polygons that his low birthing era denied him.

Hence here come the project of  making a few stop-mo clips out of the most famous cut-scene of the game.

Surgeon Warning: I have no experience, no references, and no gifts. I don't know what I am getting into. All I have to say in my defense is that time is on my side : because I am not in hurry, this is plain hobby that will take as long as it needs to take. It might take a few years to create 3 minutes of shaky and flickering crap. So be it...let the fun begins.

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