Saturday, 8 June 2013

Erasing the Jaw sim-line in post production

If you had a look at my first puppet lips-sync attempt, you may have been bothered by the very apparent sim-line between the skull and the replaceable jaws.

This line will be erased in post production using a software like Adobe After Effect (and not Adobe Premiere as I wrongly stated in my earlier post). After a many tutorials watching and few attemps, it looks like it is possible. I have not yet master the craft, but as a proof of concept, here is the identical video to the earlier post, with some post-production trick on the sim-line.

Before post production (jaw-line visible):

After post production (jaw-line concealed):


  1. Nice! Keep up with the good work!

  2. it's a nice work
    I am happy That grim fandango still alive for you.
    You know something of grim fandango deluxe?

  3. Have you been sprouted?

  4. A quand de nouveaux post ?

  5. Please don't stop this project, it's very cool!

  6. Come on! Say something! At least tell us not to wait anymore :(