Saturday, 14 January 2012

Set Building: Details, details

Some time ago I have published a 3D model of those plaster patterns that are running on the top of the wall.

My initial thought were to get it 3D printed, then to create a mold to make as many plaster tiles as I need.

I have finally decided against this approach : too expensive, too time consuming. Got to cut corners here.

My 3D sketchup model will still be handy though. The flat sketchup model is exported here :

 Using V-Ray for sketchup (free trial edition), I manage to get a hi-res output of this tile

It still looks a little too nice and computer generated. So photoshop, throwing in a bit of burns, cracks, highlights, I ended up there :

Now repeat this tile 10 times and print on sticker paper (just as I did the walls), there we go. Quick and cheap. For the opposite wall, this same tile will be flipped so as to give the impression of that the light is coming from the same direction (the windows). I hope that, in the lens of the camera, this will be convincing enough.


  1. This is an awesome project. As a big fan of stop motion and Lucas Arts games, I hope you stick with it and finish it!

    You should be posting any questions you have about stop motion in the forum. the board is filled with stop mo enthusiasts and professionals.

    Also, Cathy Zhung, a professional stop motion puppet maker, has a step by step tutorial video which you can purchase (or download illegally).

    By the way, foam latex is not the only way to build a stop motion puppet. The Flynn brothers use actual cloth on their characters, and it looks great.

    You can also ask me if you have any animation or stop motion questions. I'm an animator located in Canada, and I'm a coordinator for the Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival.

    P.S. You should really put some sort of e-mail on your blogger profile.

    1. Thank you for this very informative comment!
      All those links are great! and needless to say that I am very flattered to have a pro dropping by this blog.
      Thanks for offering your help... there is something that I am looking for right now: how to properly lit a set for stop mo... if you have any resource on this aspect of the craft, this would be very helpful.

      P.S.I have added an email to my blogger profile

  2. Niicee! You're are an amazingly quick learner! Sorry I couldn't have been much of help...