Saturday, 19 November 2011

Set Building: Grunging it a bit

Back to set-building... Right now Manny's Office set is pretty much a naked wooden structure. First, I will need to add texture to the wall, ceiling and floors, before my miniature props (furnitures, accessories) settles in.

I want the Manny's office to be as gloomy as the original, but with more details. His office is a reconverted storage room. It is the office of a looser, set in a dark, moist corner of the DOD building. I have therefore opted for preparing a vintage-grungy wallpaper in Photoshop, which I will print as a poster and apply along the walls. I want the corner of the room to be already shadowed by the texture to facilitate the actual lightning contrast of the set.

For those interested in the photoshop technique, I have used this tutorial together with this paper texture and some pretty wicked photoshop "Grunge Brush" available on DeviantArt.

The actual wall paper is one meter long, but here is a snapshot...

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