Saturday, 12 November 2011

Set Buidling: Decoration Details

What makes GF so stylish is the seamless blend between art-deco, film-noir and mexican-mayan graphic style which permeate from almost any scene. Tim and its designer team nailed down a very unique, and consistent, style throughout the the Wold of the Dead.
Manny's office borrows from a typical 50's bulky style. It is supposed to be a less-than-glamorous office - actually, as we learn from the script, a reconverted storage room - since Domino managed to get the favors of the boss Don Copal, hence taking over Manny's former stylish office.

The set will have to carry these dark, dull colors, and the unenviable spot in which Manny has been cornered. Yet, a few decorative elements can be noticed. Here are the sketchup 3D rendition of 2 plaster decoration that can me see on the top of the walls and on the ceiling.

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